About Northwest Beer Night

Northwest Beer Night’s regular season runs April through December.  During that time, expect new episodes every #ThirstyThursday.


“Hey, Get Me a Beer.”

To say that the microbrew industry has taken-off may be the biggest understatement ever.

Throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and British Columbia, there are hundreds of brewers, and quite honestly, they’re making some very good beer.  Pilsner, Stout, Pale, Hefeweizen…it’s being created throughout the Pacific Northwest. And the quality is hard to beat.

Northwest Beer Night has one goal: Introducing you to these fine brews, one pint at a time.




Northwest Beer Night: How It Works

On each episode of Northwest Beer Night filmed at the historic Old Rainier Brewery in Seattle, we invite breweries from throughout the area to send us their beer. Our panel of familiar faces taste these brews and talk about what they like about each beer, and how they compare to each other. We’re not here to be technical: We’re here to find a good beer and talk about it like you’d talk to your friends about it.

We taste a couple of beers on every episode of Northwest Beer Night.  Once the brews have been tasted, the panelists pick their favorite. Then, our live audience (who is tasting the same beer) picks their favorite!  Up to this point, we only know the beer by our taste buds: This is a blind tasting.  Once the favorites are chosen, we reveal the names of the brews.


You + Good Brew = Awesomeness

Northwest Beer Night is more of an introduction service. Our panel tells you talks about what they like about the brew, and the rest is up to you. Think of it as “Match.com” for beer. We introduce you to a good beer, and you decide if you want to take it to dinner, or maybe even take it home.

We’re real people you’ve heard of tasting great beer, helping promote the growing industry here in the Pacific Northwest.



Meet Our Host


There are all kinds of beer drinkers.

At one end, you have the person who knows how to brew it and can offer details and technical points all night long. In the middle, you also have the person who doesn’t know as much about beer, but knows what he or she likes. And finally, you have the person who will pretty much drink anything.

az130905y-180fnl copyThe guy we tapped to host Northwest Beer Night doesn’t really fit into any of these types. And we think this is a good thing.

We have Brian Calvert to host the show because he’s a solid reporter and interviewer, not a brew master. In other words…he comes into every episode probably wondering the same things most of you will be wondering. And since he knows many of the panelists you’ll see on Northwest Beer Night, you’re going to have a great time watching him interact with his friends as they introduce you to some of the best beer the Pacific Northwest has to offer!

Brian has spent his entire 20+ year career in front of you. He’s a longtime local news broadcaster and personality who has most recently worked at stations in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. He’s a national award-winning storyteller, and is best known for his warm smile and personal touch when telling a story. These days, Brian can be heard daily on KOMO in Seattle.

If you’d like to know more, check out Brian’s website: BrianCalvertOnline.com