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The Secret Ingredient in Patagonia’s New Craft Beer


OUTSIDEONLINE.COM – Patagonia has already mastered the puffy and successfully launched a line of sustainable foods and snacks. Now it wants to bring its Earth-first manufacturing philosophy to craft brewing, adding the first beer to its Patagonia Provisions lineup: Long Root Ale. The company first entered the …

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Yeast Rescued From 220-Year-Old Shipwreck


ATLASOBSCURA.COM – In 1796, the Sydney Cove sailed from India with a cargo of goodies, including tea, tobacco, and, most importantly, booze. The ship was headed towards Sydney, Australia, but, rounding the continent’s southern coast, it sank near Preservation Island, where the wreck was discovered centuries …

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Why You Should Order That Hoppy Beer


LIFESCIENCE.COM – The hops found in beer not only add flavor, but also may lessen the damaging effects of alcohol on the liver, a new study in mice suggests. In the study, the researchers gave mice regular beer with hops, a special beer without hops, …

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Brewery Converts Food Waste Into Energy


KING5TV – At Fremont Brewing on the packaging room floor, they can churn out lots of beer daily. But Quality Control Manager, Robert Fulwiler, saw one way to improve. “A good amount of it ends up going down the drain. Right now we have to …

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