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Jack Daniel’s Shares it’s Secret


THEWASHINGTONPOST.COM – His name was Nearis Green, but everyone who knew him called him Uncle Nearis. There is a good chance you have never heard of him. But you have heard of his protege, Jasper Daniel — or, at least, the whiskey …

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Fast-Growing Hops Could Be a Game Changer


COLORADOAN.COM – A Colorado State University professor is pioneering a process to speed growth of hops, a main ingredient in many of Fort Collins’ favorite craft beers. While plants typically need three years to yield a meaningful harvest, CSU horticulture professor …

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Grain alcohol infusions allow variety of home liqueurs


WASHINGTONTIMESREPORTER.COM – Truth be told, my experience with grain alcohol ended where it began: Ohio University circa 1985. That’s where I learned the recipe for what we called “Harry Buffalo”: Take 1 bathtub (or a large garbage can in a pinch) …

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Most Expensive Cities Worldwide for Beer


FORBES.COM – If you’re on a business trip to the city of Lausanne in Switzerland, you might have to think twice about drinking an evening beer on your company’s tab in one of the city’s bars. Eyebrows would certainly be raised in …

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