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110-Year-Old Says Secret to Long Life is Drinking Whisky


METRO.CO.UK – Grace Jones, known to her friends as ‘Amazing Grace’, is the 10th oldest person in the UK. She said her longevity is down to having had a night-cap of Famous Grouse single malt whisky every evening for the last 60 years. The mother-of-one, who lives in Broadway, Worcs., said: ‘I never miss my night cap. All I have …

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Drinking Beer May Help You Read Certain Emotions


LIVESCIENCE.COM – Alcohol is known to impair people’s judgment, but downing a beer may actually enhance one ability: A small new study suggests that imbibing may improve people’s ability to recognize certain emotions, like happiness. Though “many people drink beer and know its effects through personal experience, there is surprisingly little scientific data on its effects on the processing of …

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Making Beer with Boston River Water


SEATTLE TIMES (BOSTON AP) – Who wants to drink that dirty water? Some of New England’s leading breweries will compete Oct. 1 to see who can turn the questionable water of Boston’s Charles River into the tastiest suds. Six area breweries have signed on for the first ever “Brew the Charles” challenge, a highlight of HUBweek, a weeklong Boston-area festival …

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Oregon Breweries Team Up For Beer Made with Frosted Flakes

11818845_g – Beer and cereal don’t usually go together (or maybe they do; what you have for breakfast is none of our business) but a new concoction from two Oregon breweries takes its inspiration from the cereal aisle. The ‘Catch A Tiger’ Double IPA from Portland’s Montavilla Brew Works and Oregon City’s Coin Toss Brewing Co. is brewed with none …

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This Guy’s GameDay Sign Got Him Over 2,000 Beer Money Donations


THRILLIST – As you can imagine, quite a few viewers noticed and, well, so did the internet. Before the broadcast ended, Crowder had received more than 200 contributions to his suds fund. Even Venmo itself pitched in. As ESPN explains, the $50 contribution alone was enough to cover a six-pack of Budweisers, which sold for $7 at the game between Virginia …

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